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Established in 1992 as Golden Eagle Foundation, the group's goal was to provide scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors at the newly formed Fountain Hills High School.

Since inception, this non-profit (501c3) partnership of parents, students, business members and other supportive residents has committed to enhancing the education of students from the Fountain Hills, Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation and Verde River communities through its signature programs:

Appreciation, Giving, Scholarships, and Mentoring. 

Renamed Golden Eagle Education Foundation in 2014, GEEF has a dedicated interest in the quality of education available to students.

We help advance students by providing an enriched learning experience. We assist in developing students' academic and leadership promise by reducing financial barriers.


An Endowment represents a donation placed in an interest- bearing account that allows for much greater impact over a long period of time.

GEEF endowment funds are established to honor the memory of a family member, ensuring the individual’s name and contributions will be remembered now and for generations to come.

​For more information on establishing an Endowment, email us at


In order to supplement the cost of some programs, GEEF applies for public Grants that align with the mission and purpose of those programs.

​GEEF has been very grateful for past support from a variety of local and state organizations that have provided additional funding, including Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation (Prop 202 Grant).

Board of Directors and Chairs

  • Co-Presidents: Dennis & Jenna Van Beek

  • Vice President: Marcia Hoenle

  • Secretary: Dr. Lois McElligott

  • Treasurer: Lisa Woltkamp

  • Grant Chair: Dr. Lois McElligott

  • Publicity Chair: 

Program Coordinators

  • Appreciation: Jennybeth McRoy

  • Giving: Jennybeth McRoy

  • Scholarships: Marcia Hoenle

  • Mentoring: Isa Gonzalez Crespo

  • Web Administration: Chandra Merica

Golden Eagle Education Foundaton
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