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Former Teacher / Staff Appreciation Award Recipients

Linda Lawrence

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  To receive the award for Teacher of the Year was humbling and greatly appreciated.  The award meant even more to me because it was given by my peers, who I respect and admire.  The monetary portion was quickly used for expenses to attend a workshop on improving student writing.  I thank you once again.”
The Golden Eagle Education Foundation Teacher-Staff Appreciation Awards are designed to identify and award the Fountain Hills Charter School and the Fountain Hills Unified School District teachers and staff who make superior contributions and positive differences in the lives of their students.  Awards are determined through peer nomination and an evaluation process.  The teachers and staff are recognized at the end of each school year.
Cindy Couture

“My thanks to you and all the members of the Golden Eagle Education Foundation for the teaching award you presented to me  That moment of thank you felt terrific.  I think all of us who were honored felt highly appreciated today.  Your organization makes this school district feel like we have a group of guardian angels supporting the kids and staff of this district.  Thanks for all you do for our community.”
Just some of the many Teacher / Staff Appreciation Award Recipients - Thank You one and all.