Any Fountain Hills High School senior is welcome to apply for a college scholarship. In order to start the application process, you will need one or more of the following forms: 

Scholarship donors

Scholarship Applicants

GEEFScholarship Application Form – The foundation of your application 

Scholarship Addendums Form – Used to verify any additional information you will need to provide along with the Application Form

Recommendation Form– Some scholarships require recommendations from one or more individuals

GEEF Scholarship Contract Donation Worksheet

Once submitted, the Scholarship Chairperson can further guide you in a direction that best showcases the intention and purpose of your donation.

​You can submit the donation worksheet or get additional information by contacting
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Any business, organization, or individual philanthropist who wishes to sponsor a scholarship can begin the process by submitting the following form:
The Golden Eagle Education Foundation’s Scholarship Program provides college funding for Fountain Hills High School graduation students. Recognition of past achievements, future accomplishments and the alleviation of financial barriers are some of the criteria for the scholarship applicant. 

Past recipients have received scholarships for leadership, academic accomplishments, foreign language, honors, civic dedication, practical arts experience, athletic achievement, degree plans in education, engineering, sciences, medical fields, and many more.