The GEEF partners with individuals, families and businesses to create charitable connections now and for generations to come. An Endowment represents a donation that allows for much greater impact over a long period of time and is placed in interest bearing account.  The GEEF endowment funds are established to honor the memory of a family member, ensuring the individual’s name and contributions will be remembered.

​An Endowment can be set up to fund an ongoing scholarship based on the requirements of the fund.  For more information on providing an Endowment, email us at

The GEEF’s Scholarship Program offers you an opportunity to provide a college scholarship to a deserving Fountain Hills High School senior.  Businesses, organizations and individual philanthropists, who wish to sponsor a scholarship, can begin by submitting the GEEF Scholarship Contract Donation Worksheet.  

The Scholarship Chairperson can further guide you in a direction that best showcases your donation’s intentions. email us at:
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In order to supplement the cost of some of our programs, GEEF applies for public grants that align with the mission and purpose of specific GEEF programs, such as the Mentor Program and Classroom Projects.

​GEEF has been very grateful for past support from a variety of local and state organizations that have provided GEEF with additional funding: 

Your tax-deductible donation to Golden Eagle Education Foundation helps further the impact of the established programs of GEEF for students and teachers in our local community:

Scholarship Program
Mentor Program
Classroom Projects
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Award

Donation Form is provided to be
included with your contribution. Questions?
Email us at