• Hydrogen vehicle development
  • Healthy cookbook
  • Large bass instrument stands
  • Color-coded computer keyboards
  • Designed & painted garden tiles
  • "Read at Home' backpacks

Donations in the past have helped to finance projects such as:​

The Golden Eagle Education Foundation’s Classroom Projects supports a school environment where the student’s and teacher’s creativity, understanding, and thinking can flourish.  The GEEF Board approves creative and innovative projects when submitted by a classroom teacher.  These projects impact a significant number of students, are designed to enhance learning, and would not be funded by traditional means.
Magna Tiles
The Wall *
Building Minds
The Wall *
  • Quilt to promote recycling and math skills
  • Third Grade garden
  • GEOMotion mats
  • Edmark Reading for non-verbal students
  • Ipad to create original art
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The Wall Artists *

GEOMotion Mats

* Wall photos courtesy of Bruce Haseley  

Read-At-Home Backpacks