best practices overview

The Golden Eagle Education Foundation’s Best Practices are based on the fundamental values of quality, responsibility and accountability. The GEEF Board developed Best Practices on a strong foundation of compliance and a broad organizational awareness of laws and regulations.

Volunteers and GEEF board members become involved in the Golden Eagle Education Foundation because of the organization’s public mission and its allegiance to the vitality of the community.  We invite you to read through our Best Practices overview as we continue to build and strengthen advocacy for enriching the educational experience of our community’s children.
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Board of Directors/Governance/Stewardship
•    Serves as a steward to vision and values
•    Develops, sets and measures goals
•    Tracks progress toward desired outcomes

Strategic Planning
•    Plan makes the best use of human, financial, and material resources
•    Plan takes into account strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges
•    All Stakeholders are included in the process

Collaborative Partnerships
•    Linked to the community’s desired outcomes, needs and interests
•    Solicits input from the communities and constituencies served and represented by GEEF

​Financial Management
•    Ensures effective fiscal management
•    Approves, monitors and revises annual budget - contains realistic projections of revenues & expenses
•    Establishes appropriate checks and balances into financial management systems

•    Shows a diversified funding base corresponding to Board-approved budget
•    Raising funds, providing structure and support through which members fulfill responsibilities

​•    Plans developed in appropriate proportion to GEEF’s budget, purpose and goals
​•    Communicates administrative, fundraising and program information to the public